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End Animal Cruelty
meditate together to influence others not to harm animals in any way
The Way We Treat Animals Is A Reflection Of Our Humanity
Daily Mass Meditation Event - End Animal Cruelty
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27 Feb 10 Signs You are Experiencing a Recalibration of Your Mind-Body-Soul System
admin 4 4484
Through these recalibrations, we grow more and more in-tune with our higher selves and the universe as it is. Your body is changing:1. You are more sensitive to chemical based products- skin irritatio..
10 Jan Mass Meditation - Affected The Earth's Geomagnetic Field with Spike on 5 April 2020
admin 1 3899
From the 4th to 5th of April 2020, the world participated in a "one million" global meditation. Millions of people around the world have joined.  There was a spike in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, br..
09 Nov Scientists Discover Brain Neurons Were Capable Of Producing Light or Biophotons
admin 1 3016
Mothersill and many others during the last hundred years have shown that cells and now whole animals may communicate with each other by electromagnetic waves called 'Biophotons'. This would explain th..
20 Oct The Undeniable Power of Mass Meditation
admin 0 2823
Meditation simply is not just a practice of clearing out blockage of your own mental and physical health. It is a practice, not just a service to yourself, but a service to humanity as well.     Th..
19 Oct Thoughts Can Change Reality - Quantum Double-Slit Experiment
admin 10 7675
    In the double slit experiment, it was found that the electron itself is both a particle and a wave. When the researchers wanted to see from which slit the electron entered, the experimental re..
18 Oct Global Human Consciousness Detection Program - Meaningful Associations with Random Data
admin 0 3868
The Global Consciousness Project Subtle interactions created by coherent consciousness in the world connects each other of us. Researchers of Global Awareness Project had begun to build Random Number..
17 Oct Consciousness Can Change The Structure of Water, Water Can Receive and Reflect The Harmony Around
admin 2 6640
Humans had been experimenting to see if human consciousness could affect the structure of water for the past 40 years. This problem had existed for a long time in the medical field. For example, if wa..
16 Oct Research to mass meditation - The violent crime in Washington declined rapidly in 1993
admin 0 387
According to a collective meditation experiment conducted in Washington, D.C. in 1993, the violent crime broke the record of continuous rising during the research period, declined by 23.3% instead.The..
14 Oct Why Mass Meditation Works
admin 2 66722
We use alternative methods to protect living creatures. aims to awaken humans’ empathy and equanimity, change the mainstream values and capitalist values of today's world with mass..
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