Thank you for participating in the mass meditation events.
It's very easy to join us, just take 30 minutes a day, and do it anywhere.

Time: UTC Time 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 every day,
please check the countdown timer above.

It is divided into several time periods because it is a global event,
and members can participate in at least one event every day according to their own schedule.

Location: Anywhere
Duration: 30 minutes

Step 1 - Preparation (From 0-5 minute)

Use your own technique to bring yourself
into a relaxed state of consciousness.
(Focus on breathing...etc)

Step 2 - Healing Yourself (From 6-15 minute)

Visualize a pillar of white light going through
top of your head and to your whole body,
going through all the blockages, from head to toe.
(You feel the energy is moving smoothly through the
entire body, your body melts together with the atmosphere. )

Step 3 -Healing Others (From 16-21 minute)

Everybody here sending love to heal each other.
(We are all here with the same purpose, we are connected,
having each other's back now, and everyone is healthy, physically and mentally. ) 

Step 4 - Awaken Human Empathy and Equanimity (From 21-30 minute)

We love and care for all creatures so much.
Create a huge vibration, by the love for all creatures which are desperate and in need right now.
Feel a vibration or a wave that comes from your heart, expand it to the whole-body and send it out vastly.
At the same time, manifest and picture all people are having the same empathy and equanimity, for all creatures that you have.
Manifest people turning to plant base habit, because their empathy and equanimity is awaken.

People with sufficient meditation experience can focus on the above items according to their usual meditation habit.

We suggest that participants without prior meditation experience to attend meditation/retreat courses with a duration of at least 10 days, regardless of their factions.