We use alternative methods to protect living creatures. 

Mass-Meditation.com aims to awaken humans’ empathy and equanimity, change the mainstream values and capitalist values of today's world with mass consciousness.

Your body is energy, your mind is energy, your soul is energy. The difference is only of a different rhythm, different wavelengths.

Humans do have magnetic fields and frequencies which are capable to create real power. According to research on professional meditators, in general, the number of collective meditators required is equal to or more than 1% of the square root of the local population (√1%). In the United States, about 1808 meditators are required. In Hong Kong, only about 273 are required.

Reference : http://www.worldpeacegroup.org/radiating_brain_coherence.html

The above data can only be achieved by professionally trained meditators. If numbers of professionally trained meditators are insufficient, it is expected to be supplemented by increasing the numbers of participants to infect more people around. We also expect that participants will focus on meditating during the event. We suggest that participants without prior meditation experience to attend meditation courses with a duration of at least 10 days, regardless of their factions.

Every year, more than 60 billion animals are killed on the farm. Every day, 164 million lives are killed and become humans’ food. Other lives that are sacrificed for luxury or commercial goods, that are suffered for experiment or due to the damaged environment are not included. Humans must stop slaughter. If you want to protect living creatures from unnecessary hurt, please join us now! The more people participate in this program, the more energy we will gather, and the goal of protecting living creatures can be achieved when the number of participants is sufficient.

Why should we awaken empathy and equanimity?

Mainstream values today have been distorted. We have been being instilled with wrong values from childhood, including education, media, socializing and more. And even most of our parents or elders are teaching us with wrong values. The correct values must be based on equanimity and empathy which will make us become vegetarians or even vegan naturally, stop hurting other people or lives, and will not only focus on substance, power and money. There will be no discrimination in society, no disparity between the rich and the poor.

Stop cruel business operation. There is something more powerful than material:

Slaughter, fur, leather, animal experiments, illegal breeding... All these businesses are generated because of money. Money is the most powerful material tool for human beings. To reduce these cruel businesses, one must use something more powerful than material. Something that beyond physical world – the "energy."

Making a mass meditation for 30 minutes at the same time every day, anywhere.

Reference : How to participate in our mass meditation events

People who have formally trained about sitting in meditation will experience the awareness of conscious energy. People who have never been exposed to or are not familiar with this field may feel that these are supernatural or unreal things because of the influence of mainstream science and traditional education. We can definitely tell you that consciousness energy is not a supernatural thing, it is on the basis of sufficient scientific and experimental evidence:

Research to mass meditation - The violent crime in Washington declined rapidly in 1993

According to a mass meditation experiment conducted in Washington, D.C. in 1993, the violent crime broke the record of continuous rising during the research period, declined by 23.3% instead.
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Thoughts Can Change Reality - Quantum Double-Slit Experiment

In the double-slit experiment, it was found that the electron itself is both a particle and a wave. The result of this experiment was that our consciousness can really change the reality. If humans’ consciousness can be united and treat all living creatures correctly, the mainstream values of the whole world would surely be changed.
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Global Human Consciousness Detection Program - Meaningful Associations with Random Data

Subtle interactions created by coherent consciousness in the world connects each other of us. Researchers of Global Awareness Project had begun to build Random Number Generators (RNGs) network around the world Since August 1998.
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Consciousness Can Change The Structure of Water, Water Can Receive and Reflect The Harmony Around

Consistent result is that positive energy consciousness can produce symmetrical, beautiful, flower-like and geometric patterns on ice crystals. While negative consciousness can produce asymmetrical, unlovely ice crystals.
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