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End Animal Cruelty
meditate together to influence others not to harm animals in any way
The Way We Treat Animals Is A Reflection Of Our Humanity
Daily Mass Meditation Event - End Animal Cruelty
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Spiritual health is the way in which a person’s spirit, mind, and body are in balance.

29 Jul How to calculate daily nutritional intake?
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The best way to calculate your daily nutrition needs is by using a nutrition calculator. A good nutrition calculator will provide you with the nutrients that you need and can help you figure out what ..
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Agave Syrup, Maple Syrup, Honey, Coconut Sugar are the heathier sweeteners that we can easily find in stores.  (Per Tablespoon)Agave Syrup60 cal16g Carbs75-90% FructoseHighly ProcessedMaple Syrup52 ca..
09 Mar The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use to Change the World
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Take this library and use it to inspire global change! Documentaries have an incredible power to raise awareness and create transformative changes in consciousness both at the personal and global leve..
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