Humans had been experimenting to see if human consciousness could affect the structure of water for the past 40 years. This problem had existed for a long time in the medical field. For example, if water could be changed based on the surrounding consciousness. Water must have a great influence on humans’ body, because after all, 70% of human body are consisted of water.

According to scientific researchers’ result, if water has been affected by consciousness can be detected by ice crystals made of water.

Consistent result is that positive energy consciousness can produce symmetrical, beautiful, flower-like and geometric patterns on ice crystals. 

While negative consciousness can produce asymmetrical, unlovely ice crystals.

Although Masaru Emoto, a scientist famous for this scientific experiment, has been pointed out by mainstream scientific communities that his experiment is fraudulent, but after him, this experiment has been successfully repeated by many people, and the documentary “Secrets of Water “is also worth watching.

Professor Konstantin Korotkov's laboratory had conducted a large amount of experiments about how humans’ emotion and awareness affected the water structure. A group of people were asked to release a variety of positive emotions, such as love, tenderness and care to a bottle of water in front of them. And then, asked them to release a variety of negative emotions, such as fear, aggression and hatred to another bottle of water. After that, the water sample was tested, and the results showed that the structure of the two bottles of water was changed in the opposite direction. The water that was charged with positive energy produced a beautiful geometric pattern due to the harmonious resonance. Conversely, the negative energy could not form any symmetric and complete pattern.

A group of people were asked to release a variety of emotions to a bottle of water in front of them

Water structure that was charged with kind emotion

Water structure that was charged with anger

This was a group of Japanese students' parent-child activities. Everyone was releasing a positive energy on a cup of ordinary water. At the beginning, there was no geometric pattern in the water structure at all. As time goes by, the water structure became a beautiful symmetrical geometric pattern.

 Parents who participated in this event also felt very surprised.